This tool is just a demo for my end-of-degree project about procedural generation. I know that there are a few bugs and  probably some more that I have still not figured out.


Mapgen is a really basic strategy tile based map generator.

How to use

This tool generates a 1v1 strategy map according to the current options:

Generation Options

Seed: Change this value to generate a different map with the same other options.

Width: Map's width in tiles.

Depth: Map's depth in tiles.

Seed Count

The number of tiles that will initally place of each type before the generation process is applied. The higher they are, the higher the amount of tiles of that type will be on the map.

Resource Count

Allied: The number resources that each player starts with.

Neutral: The number of resource per each player that are placed on the map.

Optimize Bases Placement: Reduces the time used to calculate the best spots to put the player bases  by putting them on suboptimum spots. Warning! Disabling this option will  highly increase the time invested on generating big dimensions maps.

Misc. Options

Roads: Enable/Disable roads

Resources: Enable/Disable resources

Auto-adjust: If checked, the values above will be generated randomly according to the maps dimensions.

Exposition: If checked, a new map will be generated every five seconds.

Tiles Description

These are the descriptions of the tiles for a hypothetical strategy game using this tool.


Grass: No special effect.

Forest: Harder to go through. Provide more defense to your units than grass.

Mountain: Impassable for most land units. It can be destroy by special units.

 Water: Impassable terrain for all land

Road: Easiest terrain to go through.


Player's Base: These are the player's main quarters.

Factory: It's a resource capable of deploying land units.

Hangar: Can be used to deploy air units.

Shipyard: You'd want to capture these so you can deploy water units.

Investigation Building: These provide your army with special intel.

Source Code



Linux.zip 15 MB
Windows.zip 14 MB
MapGen.apk 21 MB