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You are an archer defending your watchtower from the enemy archers. Destroy their tower before they destroy yours!


  • Charge your shots to increase the speed of your arrows.
  • Stun enemy archers by hitting them with your projectiles. Gain some time by making them fall from their tower!
  • Randomly selected power ups will appear during the battle. Use them to increase your damage output!
  • Once your cannon bar is full, you can charge a powerful cannon shot to devastate your enemies' tower. While charging your cannon, you won't be able to shoot if you get hit by an arrow , though.


  • Single Player. Play a quick match against and along AI players.
  • Multiplayer up to 16 total players. Connection requirements will increase proportionally with the higher the number of players.
  • Tutorial. Quick tutorial to explain the basic and simple mechanics of the game.

Server Setup Information

  • When playing server, you'll always play as a red archer of the red team.
  • LAN Multiplayer support only. (Advanced) It can be played through the Internet by configuring port forwarding on your router.
  • Frame buffer size helps to optimize online gameplay performance. This value should be configured according the connection quality. It should also be slightly increased by each extra player. Examples:

Frame Buffer Size

Ping ms
2 Players
4 Players
8 Players


Source code


Install instructions

Unzip the file and use ArchersDuelBeta.exe to launch the game.


ArchersDuelBeta.zip 7 MB

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